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LLAVE Committees

Cultural Appreciation  - This committee is designed to raise cultural awareness in the form of art, plays, dances and guest speakers. Chairperson - Maria Cruz (505)241-0958.

Education & Training  - This committee is focused on the development of leadership skills for employees and students. Includes development of diversity leadership strategy, workshops, mentorship, speakers, leadership training, and a series of brown bag lunches, featuring prominent guest speakers from New Mexico.
Chairperson - JoAnn Paiz (505) 241-2096

Membership Services  - The primary objective of this committee is to recruit and retain members, and promote awareness of our organization through communication and marketing, i.e., newsletter, web page and other promotional events.
Chairperson, Membership - Lauretta Archibeque (505) 697-3811; Communication/Marketing - Vacant

Scholarship Committee  - This committee is responsible for the promotion of the scholarship program and the selection of the scholarship recipients - Chairperson - Manual Quintana (505) 241-4716 Co-Chairperson - Maria Guzman (505) 241-2931.

Board Member Email
JoAnn Paiz (PNM), President jpaiz@pnm.com
Vacant, Vice President
Teri Tewaheftewa (PNM), Secretary Teri.Tewaheftewa@pnmresources.com
Lauretta Archibeque (NMGC), Treasurer Lauretta.Archibeque@nmgco.com
Janice Nance, Historian jknance2@msn.com
Maria Cruz (PNM) Maria.Cruz@pnmresources.com
Gathen Garcia (PNM) Gathen.Garcia@pnm.com
Gloria Montoya-Silva (PNM) Gloria.Montoya@pnmresources.com
Chris Orona (NMGC)Chris.Orona@nmgco.com
Charles Olguin (Perfection Mortgage)cdolguin@yahoo.com
Anita-Pacheco-Vigil (PNM) AVIGIL@PNM.COM
Victoria Quintana (PNM)Victoria.Quintana@pnmresources.com
Excecutive Sponsor:

If you are interested in becoming a Llave Member or Board member - we need you!!! Please contact JoAnn Paiz (505) 241-2096

"We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges."
Tim Berners-Lee
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